Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keep making more with CrocMint!!!!

In their continuous endeavors to better their products & services CrocMint now introduces Orders By Phone exclusively for all registered affiliates. The affiliates are ensured of their commissions & all the customers placing an order over the phone will get a 10% discount on the listed website price.
Affiliates can start promoting this new ordering service instantly by contacting us at & asking for your unique Order ID. All the affiliates needs to do is display it on their websites or any other medium of promotion & encourage their customers to call now, quote the unique I.D. and get their 10% discount and also get all their queries answered through our friendly customer support team.
So sit back, relax & see your conversions skyrocket as CrocMint has got you a win-win offer.

Email now & get your unique Order By Phone I.D. within 8 hours or less!!!!

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