Thursday, April 16, 2009

CrocMint : The Premium Affiliate program

“The most logical choice to make a fortune online”

The Fastest growing Herbal Affiliate program: 8500 new affiliates signed up in a week!

In dark times like this, when your daily news consists of companies you knew for years going belly-up , scams exposed, jobs lost, investments wiped off without a trace, it’s just imperative that you secure & increase your revenue streams, and what better way to this than taking up affiliate marketing, the most practical option which gives you the flexibility to work from home, manage your time, ensures you don’t need to dash between your second & third job, spend time with the family & earn heaps selling stuff over the internet.

Well, but you don’t want to join just any other affiliate program, if you think that the Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was shocking, you will be surprised by the SCAMs online. You need to join an affiliate program with a proven track record, high operational integrity and at the same time cares about all its affiliates even the “little guy”.

CrocMint is the fastest growing affiliate program, and in these few months overtaken competition as the “most preferred program” of super affiliates & newbies alike. Not because of its high quality, high converting products, spectacular marketing tools, on-time payments, and being the highest paying affiliate program, Its because we do all this and more with unmatched professionalism and a have put together a support system which was unheard off previously in the Affiliate marketing industry. Our performance in such short a period of time just reinforces the fact that when you join CrocMint, you have the taken “The Most Logical choice to make a Fortune Online”.

Our most recent promotional offer “BEAT the recession BLUES with GREEN”, created a stir in the affiliate marketing industry, and got a record-breaking 8500 new signups in a week which increased our affiliate base by the thousands in no time (Our competition took years to reach those numbers). It also made us the HIGHEST paying affiliate program offering 70% commissions across our product range.

Here’s what some of our affiliates tell us:

“ …. Dude you have made a skeptic a believer, thanks for staying online those additional hours, helping me setup up all those domains…”
: - Burt

“… hey there’s my first sale, in my second day !!! your advice worked, cant wait to start a adwords campaign now…”
:- Dimitri

“… thanks for the payment mate, as committed I am diverting all my traffic to your site…”
:- Jim

“ … my downlines are doing extremely well too, this is my 100k program now …”
:- Travis

We realize the importance of personalized & professional support to all our affiliates & it’s been one of our Core Values, along with High level of Integrity & Commitment to all our affiliates & customers.

So, Let’s go over our features once again, which has made us the fastest growing Affiliate program in a matter of months.

1) Personalized & professional support
2) Multiple payment options
3) Weekly Payouts
4) Largest range of “clinically formulated” herbal supplements. Which are 100% legal to sell over the internet, unlike the fake Viagra/Cialis schemes, which have their days numbered.
5) Free Websites, banners & other marketing tools
6) Free SEO & PPC support
7) Free Hosting Support
8) Dedicated after sales support
9) 180 days lifetime cookies
10) Highest commissions offered across the product range
11) Each referral earns you $1
12) 10% commissions on your referrals’ sales
13) NO retrieved commission on customer's chargeback or refund.
14) 99.99% uptime maintained throughout operational history
15) Exciting Affiliate Awards program coming up & breathtaking Promotional offers exclusive to CrocMint Affiliates.
16) Be a part of the fastest growing affiliate program on the internet!

Right from the high quality Herbal Supplements to the High converting Website templates we provide are built to perform beyond expectations, we know you deserve nothing less and in return we thank all of our affiliates for doing what they do best and in turn make us what we are, because we share your passion and the undying hunger to succeed, we are not stopping till we reach the TOP!

So come on in, Join and make the make most logical choice to make Your fortune online.

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