Sunday, April 5, 2009

The basics of affiliate marketing

In this post, CrocMint discusses the core details of affiliate marketing.

Before online marketing was even introduced, there was normal marketing in the real world around us. Marketing personnel would go door to door and market products.
The main goal was expansion and good sales. For the past couple of years, the Internet business industry has been booming and these marketing personnel are now replaced by 'affiliates'.

Affiliates are awarded for diverting traffic to the affiliate program. This is known as commission because the affiliates help in making sales. Affiliates are considered to be a very important resource, even though some affiliate programs have direct means to make their own sales.

Affiliates rarely have to think about order processing or shipping and this is taken care of by the affiliate program themselves. Most affiliate programs have a robust system to monitor sales and delivery, taking the worries off the affiliate's mind.
CrocMint has an effective system to monitor which affiliate diverts traffic, thus ensuring that the right affiliate gets the commission.

The main benefits of affiliate marketing are:

1. Low Initial Investment:
No high initial investment required to start up an affiliate account

2. No Inventories Required:
The affiliate program will take care of the inventories. You don't have to do anything in this regard.

3. Massive Income Opportunities:
The affiliate have to only send traffic to the main program and voila, the money keeps flowing in!

4. Minimal Risk
Very few risks involved on behalf of the affiliate.

5. Wide area of reach
The whole internet world is your marketing ground.

6. Getting paid while you rest
Whether you are resting at home or holidaying, your links will work for you!

CrocMint is a successful affiliate program offering affiliates with all these features and a lot more. Have you joined yet?

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