Monday, April 27, 2009

CrocMint : An out of the world affiliate experience!

CrocMint continues to take giant steps towards making the affiliate experience with us second to none. CrocMint has made numerous changes to ensure maximum earnings for the affiliates. A brief on all the activities that has been going on with CrocMint:

1) Beat the recession Blues with Green campaign:
The ongoing campaign not only assures affiliates of 70%* commissions on sales made from 1st April to 15th May but also makes us the fastest growing affiliate program. The affiliate earnings also make us the highest commission payers in the industry. The sign-ups shot up to 8500 in the first week of the campaign being launched.

2) Real Time Tracking introduced:
CrocMint launched its one of a kind Real Time Tracking (RTT) tracking for its affiliates. RTT enables affiliate to track the status of the order from the moment it has been placed. No other program can match up to these features.

3) Unique content on request:
¬Understanding that not all affiliates would find the time to rewrite the content for templates downloaded CrocMint will provide unique content on request within 48* hours. This is to ensure that the affiliates can focus marketing & promoting our highly converting products.

4) Discount Coupon:
CrocMint is providing discount codes on request to affiliates who want to boost their sales or want to give it away for that special customer. Just contact our discount manager & get your coupon codes.

The above changes hand-in-hand with the unique benefits & features CrocMint provides just makes us the most Logical choice to make a fortune Online.
A few of the numerous benefits an affiliate enjoys with us are:
 High converting products
 High Commission: up to 45%
 2nd tier commission that equals 10%
 Weekly payments
 SEO friendly templates
 Multiple banner sizes & marketing tools
 Free training for new affiliates
 Free Hosting
 Dedicated & professional support team

What else would one want? So come join us & let us help you make a fortune online!!

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