Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Its THAT time of the year again!

Festive spirit is in the air! 2012 is just round the corner!

We at CrocMint would like to thank you all for making this program a BIG success!! Without YOU, we would not have made it as the top affiliate program and we would like to share the spoils of our success with you.

Between 10th Nov 2011-10th Jan 2012, you can earn an extra 10% by just doing what you do best. Making sales!!! Thats right. Commissions on all approved orders will be 50% for the above mentioned period.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity for making that extra amount!! It is our way of saying thank you for all your support & hard work.

Though the commissions in the stats will still show as 40%, when the payouts are issued for sales made during the above mentioned period, an extra 10% will be added before the payments are made.

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