Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Content Ready Templates & SEO Manual

The past few weeks has been a busy time for your favorite affiliate program CrocMint! CrocMint has been working hard to provide better systems and services and we are glad to announce a few more things which would make life easier for all of you!

First of all we have compiled a SEO manual for all, specially newbies who really wanted to know how to use SEO to your best advantage. So make the most of it and download it NOW! We also have a Russian version for our Russian affiliates and we will be adding more language versions later on.

Secondly we all know how much time it takes to write content for sites and many of our affiliates have requested sites with contents. We have tried our best to get you your requested content in the least time possible. However, there have been cases where affiliates would need to go live ASAP and need a template ready with content. Keeping that in mind, we have added a few templates with ready content. These templates are our best templates with the best content added to it to help and increase your conversion rate.

Please download them as and when required and get cracking on those sales ASAP!!!

Please check the tracking codes for your websites to ensure that everything is working fine after the systems upgrade. In case of any issues please feel free to contact us on

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