Sunday, September 20, 2009

Claim Your Bonus Commissions with CrocMint!

As we approach the final quarter of the year, CrocMint has some amazing offers & promos lined up for all of you. Even in this time of economic slowdown, the online marketing business is predicted to make billions of dollars globally & CrocMint wants ALL our their affiliates to get a slice of this action & earn more with special bonus commission payouts, one of the many features they have lined up for the holiday season
Keeping that in mind CrocMint is introducing target based bonuses for all their affiliates for the month of October 2009!
For all approved sales worth US$ 15,000 and above you get a cash bonus of $1500 in addition to the commissions earned. This is applicable for lots of $15,000 and multiples thereof.
This offer is valid for the month of October 2009. Please ensure that you request content, templates, banners, etc. well in advance before the offer starts so that you can maximize your profits.
To ensure all of our affiliates are eligible for these Bonus Payouts, CrocMint will be providing you with personalized marketing tools (e.g. websites, banners, articles, feeds, etc…) ON DEMAND!!!!
So make sure you cash in, and get all warmed up for more exciting holiday offers, promotions & Bonuses by sending in your requests well before the bonus date starts!
Also the usual CrocMint offers continue continue & get in touch with the Affialite Manager to see how you can maximize your earnings with CrocMint!
1) A chance to Skyrocket their conversions with the Super Mega Saver trial pack offer allowing your customers to get 4 products for the crazy price of $99.95 only. (
2) $25 Bonus towards your PPC campaigns
3) Check REAL TIME STATISTICS (RTT) from their iPhone or PDA
4) Brand new rotator Banners from the members area.
5) Personalized content & templates provided on request.
6) Free Training.
7) Free hosting.
And Lots & Lots more……………….
So What are you waiting for? Get started & start cashing out!!!

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