Monday, August 3, 2009

Latest from CrocMint - Private labeling / Drop Shipping / Bulk Orders / Contract Manufacturing

Optimize a Good Position and maintain your affiliate ranking with all new
#1 benefit as private labeling / Drop Shipping / Bulk Orders with which you could steal the growth crown!!

CrocMint is the fastest growing affiliate program which has always managed to embrace personalized & customized marketing solutions, cutting edge concepts, initiatives, innovations and valuable services through the huge global market for High Quality Natural Supplements.

CrocMint believes that each of its affiliate has the potential to get a fair share of the $4,500 Million Dollar (U.S) Herbal Dietary Supplement (H.D.S) Market annually.

Keep your Endless Stream of Generating Profits at the forefront through various added options that we have generated for you:

1) Private Labeling: Get topnotch benefits by now marketing all our leading products under your very own brand name. This is a ideal break for affiliates targeting a high potential niche markets (subject to local F.D.A. requirements)

2) Drop Shipping: Perfect opportunity for retailers with existing customer base. All you need to do is focus about marketing our products, forget about the logistical nightmares, our professional expertise in this area ensures that your customers receive their orders directly from our global warehouses & you get some space freed up for more promotions!

3) Bulk Orders: Now buying gets easy and Buying gets Fun with the incredible offers we have available for Bulk buyers, for existing suppliers & for entrepreneurs’ who want to be the sole distributors in your region. Contact us NOW and get the best quotes. There is no beating us on Quality & Price. That’s our pledge!

4) Contract Manufacturing: Here’s another BIG first in the online affiliate industry. Due to our huge buying power we have tied up with some of the best manufacturing units & laboratories globally & can offer you contract manufacturing services too. The benefits of utilizing contract manufacturing gives you the opportunity drive down the cost of production through

Now, affiliate marketing is a lot easier and much more rewarding and it does not get better than this. Start minting your own Fortune today!!! No other program in the world can offer you such varied online & offline marketing options.., but then that’s what you can expect from the World’s fastest growing affiliate program CrocMint.
We stand committed to what we said “When you join CrocMint you have taken the most logical step to make a fortune online ... And now offline too”

Juggle between the best opportunities and end up on a never ending profitable path!!!

For any queries contact our Affiliate Manager Zues Stone at

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