Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CrocMint: New and Improved Real Time Tracking!

Keeping up with being innovative and offering the very best to their affiliates CrocMint proudly presents it's New and Improved Real Time Tracking!!!

Yes! Now You can view your orders as they are being worked on!! You will be able to see if your order is cancelled or has some information missing or was declined or was accepted and shipped.


In the members area, under the reports section when you click on the transactions link you will be able to see more details like Billing Name, Country and Comments. Besides that you will also details like Declined(Cancelled) which will help you know that the order has been cancelled and not just plain declined as it used to show earlier.

These details will come in very handy especially to those affiliates who run their PPC campaigns targeting specific countries. It will help them know if their campaigns are getting targeted customers and fine tune their campaigns accordingly. The comments field is for you know what is happening with the order, IF the order is pending then it will show you why it’s pending. It may be due to various reasons, like incorrect Credit Card details, address incomplete, etc

Not to mention that the New and Improved Real Time Tracking will lead to
increased transparency and involvement as we remain committed to our values.

In case if there is any comment or any order for which you would like to know more please feel free to contact your Affiliate Manager at affsupport@crocmint.com

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