Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Merry Christmas with the Big Festive Offer

Making all your forthcoming sales a memorable event!

Happy festive season, everyone! The busiest shopping months are here. Between all your sales, it's now time to get started and earn some bonus commissions. Since it’s the season of giving, CrocMint is delighted to announce “The Big Festive Offer ”. CrocMint takes this opportunity to offer a big thank you to all its esteemed affiliates for making CrocMint a big success.

Look forward to this festive season with extra commissions headed your way! Enjoy this season of giving with 50% commissions…

Holiday season is back in town - Don’t let your expenses curtail your festive spirit as CrocMint is rewarding all its affiliates for their loyalty and progress. 

The Big festive Offer - Starting December 1, 2012 to January 31, 2013 all affiliates will be paid 50% commission on all approved sales during the promotional period.   

Our affiliates have been our source of strength and this offer is our reciprocation gesture towards your contribution in making CrocMint a big success.  We take this opportunity to thank all our affiliates for their encouragement and suggestions which helped us to achieve higher level of product efficacy.

To know more visit www.crocmint.com or if you have any queries, just email your affiliate manager at affsupport@crocmint.com

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Its THAT time of the year again!

Festive spirit is in the air! 2012 is just round the corner!

We at CrocMint would like to thank you all for making this program a BIG success!! Without YOU, we would not have made it as the top affiliate program and we would like to share the spoils of our success with you.

Between 10th Nov 2011-10th Jan 2012, you can earn an extra 10% by just doing what you do best. Making sales!!! Thats right. Commissions on all approved orders will be 50% for the above mentioned period.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity for making that extra amount!! It is our way of saying thank you for all your support & hard work.

Though the commissions in the stats will still show as 40%, when the payouts are issued for sales made during the above mentioned period, an extra 10% will be added before the payments are made.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

THE DOUBLE BONANZA - Make Money with VitoPharma’s “Products Up For Grabs” Offer!

Dear Affiliates – Here Comes the Much Awaited Offer Again For a Sales Bonanza!
Cash in more conversions, Generate Greater Traffic and maximize sales!

Speeding ahead in the herbal field, VitoPharma has presented the best in herbal health care to its customers and affiliates.

The Deal of the Day: CROCMINT is up with it AGAIN!! limited offer promotion that allows customers to purchase any of the products on-site and receive a free bottle of any of the following products....
NoFlam, VitoLiv, VitoSlim, Acai Ultima

It’s now that Time Again to Reap the Rewards of Our Success... Get Value in Return of Every Product You Sell...

On Purchase of any product at Vitopharma, and the official sites of VitoLiv, VitoSlim, NoFlam and Acai Ultima - Shoppers can avail of the FREE Gifts’ mentioned on the site!!!

A Closer Look At the offer on the Horizon & its multiple benefits: Customers will enjoy better health with VitoPharma’s "Products Up For Grabs" offer! Satisfy your health needs with this limited offer. The products that VitoPharma offers as gifts are very essential and inevitable in today's day and time. With the advancement of lifestyle and dietary changes, people easily fall prey to some of the most common lifestyle disorders; obesity, arthritis and liver problems. The leading herbal solution provided helps you save your life, health and money in a smarter way without side-effects.

The offer of a free bottle will help affiliates increase the sale of products; earn better conversions, and more commission earnings. As much as you sell, you will earn more and receive fruitful rewards. The websites are the highest converting ones to enable the affiliates to maximize their traffic revenue.

Here’s your opportunity now to earn more commission… so get started and optimize your success.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Revamping of the website of its award winning product NeoSize XL

We at CrocMint understand that a superior website design is very important for making your online presence felt; therefore after the successful revamp of our websites VigaPlus, Caliplus and DuraMale we have now introduced the new website design for NeoSize XL.

The look and feel of our new design website was done keeping in mind the NeoSize XL brand – Bold, Manly and Impactful. The new site features detailed information about the product, Graphic representation, Simpler Navigation, Improved speed among various other features.

The revamped NeoSize XL website offers 100% satisfaction guarantee and improved product explanation and details. It also has a better appeal for customers hence enhancing conversions.

NeoSize XL is a scientifically proven combination of herbal supplements which increases penis length & girth along with increasing the stamina & sperm count

Add spark to your health by choosing NeoSize XL - For more information on NeoSize XL penis enhancement supplements visit its website www.NeoSize-XL.com

New Payment Method Added - Paxum

CrocMint announces the launch of a new payment option to all its affiliates – ‘Paxum’

As a service to our Affiliates. , we are pleased to offer a new payment option "Paxum", an E wallet payment option. We have included a payment option that uses todays most advanced and secure e-commerce technology. Now affiliates of CrocMint have the option of Paxum along with PayPal, Wire, ePassporte, Web Money.

Paxum E-Wallet Payment facility is developed by Paxum, a Canadian Company founded on 30th July, 2007. Paxum allows its members to send money online with its low fee P2P system. Upon registration with Paxum, you can link it to your existing current account card else you receive a Paxum prepaid MasterCard. You also have the privilege to receive money from other Paxum members. Paxum offers 24/7 live support too.

It is our pleasure to keep introducing new payment options and innovations to lead the online affiliate marketing. race and to satisfy our affiliates.

We are sure that with our long list of payment option and the new facilities we introduce from time to time we are continuously enhancing our relationship with our affiliates.

For more information log on to www.crocmint.com

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Earnings This Festive Season - CrocMint New Year Promo offers you exclusive deals and commissions.

Its the Season To Earn Extra Money Its Time to Enjoy great Commissions, gain a massive profit and head to Highly successful Sales!

With December just around the corner and the daylight hours falling, the Christmas and New Year season is heading closer. This year however is going to be Different! Our Savvy Affiliates have long been a part of the herbal bandwagon. Now, we offer you the chance for further betterment.

CrocMint now brings some electrifying offers to beat inflation and to brighten the festive mood:

Starting from 25, November, 2010 and till the end of 2010 (31, December 2010), our usual commission level will be increased by 10% and all affiliates will be paid 50% on all approved sales!

This commission increase during the festive season now makes CrocMint the most lucrative affiliate programme to be a part of. The increased commissions have been designed keeping our affiliates profits in mind. We have even revamped the look and feel of our top seller product, DuraMale which enhances the profits of customers and affiliates. The goal of the website is to give interested customers the convenience and ease to find information about the product and the simplicity to Order the product.

Our new designs are custom made to increase conversions which in turn will lead to increased commission earnings for you.

Why wait? Login to CrocMint, explore our promotion materials and start making money with us.
Dont let this opportunity pass you by... The time to refer and earn more commissions is now!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CrocMint Announces a New Payout option and a reduced Commission Payout Amount!

A Brand New Payout Option for Affiliates has made its way on CrocMint “WebMoney”

CrocMint,the leading marketing program, announced the addition of “WebMoney” as an additional payment option for its affiliates. Now affiliates of CrocMint have the option of WebMoney along with PayPal, Wire, ePassporte... It was always our goal to make payout as easy as possible for our affiliates...

WebMoney is Electronic money And an Online Payment System which provides its users secure and immediate transactions online. WebMoney Payment Solution was established in the year 1998 and has over ten years experience in providing safe and affordable payment solutions… its transactions do not require a credit card or any bank account. CrocMint is pleased to provide its valued affiliates the option of WebMoney…

We at CrocMint are strong believers in taking care of our affiliates who take care of us; hence many of our top affiliates are very pleased with our commission program

“Another First from CrocMint” Now redeem your commission at $100 instead of $150…except for Bank Transfer which is at $1000.

CrocMint the leader of Online Marketing has reduced the minimum payout to $100

In case you haven’t heard the good news yet... A minimum of $150 was needed earlier for a payout which is now reduced to $100 for the benefit of its affiliates. According to CrocMint, $100 is the industry’s lowest payout and will continue introducing new and exciting features in the future...

If you are not using CrocMint then you can Sign Up for CrocMint now.