Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CrocMint Announces a New Payout option and a reduced Commission Payout Amount!

A Brand New Payout Option for Affiliates has made its way on CrocMint “WebMoney”

CrocMint,the leading marketing program, announced the addition of “WebMoney” as an additional payment option for its affiliates. Now affiliates of CrocMint have the option of WebMoney along with PayPal, Wire, ePassporte... It was always our goal to make payout as easy as possible for our affiliates...

WebMoney is Electronic money And an Online Payment System which provides its users secure and immediate transactions online. WebMoney Payment Solution was established in the year 1998 and has over ten years experience in providing safe and affordable payment solutions… its transactions do not require a credit card or any bank account. CrocMint is pleased to provide its valued affiliates the option of WebMoney…

We at CrocMint are strong believers in taking care of our affiliates who take care of us; hence many of our top affiliates are very pleased with our commission program

“Another First from CrocMint” Now redeem your commission at $100 instead of $150…except for Bank Transfer which is at $1000.

CrocMint the leader of Online Marketing has reduced the minimum payout to $100

In case you haven’t heard the good news yet... A minimum of $150 was needed earlier for a payout which is now reduced to $100 for the benefit of its affiliates. According to CrocMint, $100 is the industry’s lowest payout and will continue introducing new and exciting features in the future...

If you are not using CrocMint then you can Sign Up for CrocMint now.

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