Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unending benefits with CrocMint Affiliate Program – an innovative gateway for Successful online Business!!

The advent of Affiliate marketing and in particular CrocMint has become very popular among the affiliates today. It is noticeable that in the recent past CrocMint has advanced to a large extent. You can notice the obvious change it has undergone since the time it was first introduced.

CrocMint affiliate program has helped many affiliates to pocket valuable marketing dollars without any investment. Increasing count of successful CrocMint affiliates are the real inspiration behind calling it a “Most Active income generating initiative”.

CrocMint Highlights:

Free Sign Up: This prominent feature encourages anyone and everyone who is interested to join affiliate program without the fear of losing anything. Anyone can become CrocMint affiliate by signing up the program.

High Commission Payouts: CrocMint is the only affiliate marketing program which helps affiliates to pocket highest commissions. Affiliates can earn up to 50% commissions on any product sales.

Automated Tracking technology: CrocMint affiliate program is backed with sophisticated tracking technology which automates the minute to minute sales and clicks data.

Free Templates: CrocMint affiliate program is the “most affiliate friendly online marketing program” which offers Templates for Free. besides keywords, free hosting among others

Weekly Payments: CrocMint offers its affiliates weekly payments whereas other affiliates provide monthly payments.

Sign up bonus: CrocMint provides a $50 Sign up bonus for affiliates signing up at

Stats on the move: We have done another first in the industry which will enable one to check their stats on their iPhones/PDA/Mobile when on the move.
and many many more……

You can enjoy the benefits of online marketing by getting affiliated with CrocMint affiliate program – for details visit its website

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