Wednesday, July 1, 2009

“CrocMint Affiliate Program” – A prime Avenue to venture into the herbal Arena…

“CrocMint Affiliate Program” is a major pathway that has pioneered the herbal health care sector in a short span of time. Known for its ground breaking initiatives with added special offers & incredible bonuses, it has become a “logical choice to make a fortune Online”. CrocMint has become an important foray that ensures all its affiliates increased commission earnings. Being an established sector and the fastest growing one -CrocMint’s OTC grade herbal products of global appeal make promoting & selling a simple task indeed.

CrocMint has carved for itself the honor of being - Affiliate friendly by encouraging clearness and transparency in its functioning. Its main motto is maximizing the marketing revenues of each of its affiliates. Even if its for the first time that your attempting to something of this sought – be rest assured – as CrocMint enables you to cash onto huge amounts of dollars, thus keeping in pace with the need of the hour.

Grab the opportunity to grow with unlimited earning options with CrocMint – the herbal affiliate program that has taken the affiliate market by storm.

CrocMint markets high demand today as it has come out with quite a few first in the industry tools for the affiliates. Just to mention a few:
Real Time Tracking – This enables an affiliate to track their sales from the time it hits the system. One can really see their earnings grow in front of their eyes.
Stats on your PDA / Mobile – One no longer needs to stay trapped at their desk. Stats can be checked over one’s PDA or Mobile with GPRS facility. All one needs to do is login with their username & password at to check their latest stats when on the move.
Unique content on request – Unique content is provided on request within 48 hours. This is very beneficial for the ones who are just too busy with work to re-write their own content.
Bonus for PPC campaign – An additional $25 bonus for affiliates who are running PPC campaign. All one needs to do send proof of PPC campaign being on & claim your $25 bonus.

Apart from the reasons above CrocMint has other features & benefits which endear them to affiliates.
1) High converting products. Expect 1:35 ratio.
2) High Commission: up to 45%.
3) 1st tier commissions at 10%.
4) $50 Sign-up bonus.
5) SEO friendly templates.
6) Real Time Tracking of sales.
7) Weekly payments.
8) Multiple payout options. (Wires, Paypal, ePassporte)
9) Free ATM card to withdraw earned commissions.
10) No retrieved commission on customer’s chargeback & refund.
11) Multiple banner sizes and marketing tools.
12) Free training for new affiliates.
13) 180 days lifetime cookies.
14) Affiliate contests and rewards.
15) Dedicated and professional support team.

CrocMint became the highest commission payers in the industry with their “Beat the recession Blues with Green” sales campaign where affiliates earned a whopping 70% commissions on sales made.
If the sales campaign made the earnings skyrocket, then their latest special offer “VitoSaver Mega Trial Offer” will be taking affiliate marketing to a different level. With this offer affiliates can sell any of our 4 OTC grade herbal products for just $99.95 instead of the regular $224.95 it would cost. Sales will be skyrocketing as this is a once in a lifetime limited offer. Affiliates who were making $1000 in sales in a month are already making $4000 that too in only a week’s time!

CrocMint’s products are of the highest quality which can be used by people worldwide for a various range of ailments. The products are made from the highest quality ingredients, clinically tested & formulated, manufactured following international rules & regulation & are endorsed by doctors worldwide.

CrocMint believes in assisting the affiliates, big or small, pro or new, right from when they sign-up up to the point sales are made. With its amazing benefits & features CrocMint is the Logical Choice to make a fortune Online.

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