Monday, June 22, 2009

VitoSaver Trial Pack Launched

We are sure that by now you have experienced the amazing promotions run by CrocMint. Each one of you have tried and tested the same and benefited from it immensely.

Well just because we all benefited that does not mean new ones wont come in. After all one can never get enough of a Good Thing, Can They?

Yes!!! That’s Right!!!! We have a got a new one for you!!!

Its theVitoSaver Trial pack!!!

We are sure there are many customers who have been trying to go the herbal way since a long time but feel tied down due to the cost factor!! This promotion is aimed entirely at that section of customers! We are making things easier for such customers by offering a trial pack at JUST A FRACTION of the actual cost!!

That’s Right!!

We are offering 4 bottles of herbal healthcare for just $99.95!!! No customer will ever find a deal like that. All you need to do is to just send your customer to this special website along with your affiliate ID in the URL and watch the money roll in…

For eg. where affiliate ID is your actual affiliate ID.

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