Monday, May 18, 2009

Expect 1:35 conversions

Expect 1:35 Conversion

Beat the recession Blues with Green sales campaign was an unprecedented success. The affiliates saw their commissions increase by 30% over a short period of time. One of the reasons for this success is the High Converting Products that CrocMint has for its affiliates to promote.

CrocMint has a few tips for its new affiliates on how to get 1:35 conversions:

 Deciding on the mode of promotion – PPC / SEO / Media

PPC: PPC (Pay-per-click) is a promotional form in which businesses pay an agreed amount every time their advertisement is clicked on. Promoters can select keywords, keyword phrases, keyword groups and categories in which they want their advertisement to appear. With PPC one can generate almost instant traffic with the added benefit of turning the traffic on and off when needed. Another additional benefit of PPC is that one can target specific traffic around the globe.
It is very important to determine how effective the PPC campaign is by tracking clicks to sales conversion.
A few tips for PPC campaigns from CrocMint:
1. Do proper research before grouping similar themed keywords for your ad.
2. Have a proper landing page, relevant to the keyword search for good conversions.
3. Target quality traffic instead of quantity traffic for better results.
4. Keep track of progress of your PPC campaign i.e. clicks to sales conversion.
5. Make changes to ad, landing page as per results of the campaign.

SEO: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method in which optimizing of web pages or the entire website is done in order to make them search engine friendly, hence resulting in higher positions in search results. SEO leads to a gradual increase in traffic hence resulting in consistent clicks to sale conversion as the search engine rankings improve.
A few tips for SEO from CrocMint:
1. Select the right keywords which suit your niche & would target the kind of traffic needed for your domain.
2. Have keywords in strategic places such as URL, title tag, content, etc. Ensure that you do not over stuff your content with unwanted keywords.
3. Have unique page titles. You can also have keywords for your page title.
4. Don’t replace text with images. Search engines are not able to read the content of an image.
5. Incase of link exchanges ensure of high quality incoming links. This adds a great deal to clicks to sales conversion.

Media: Audio & Video are one of the most popular means of creating brand awareness & promoting your campaign. Newspaper, magazines, etc are also forms of media promotions. One can instantly promote across target regions to a huge mass using these mediums. Even though on the expensive side these mediums have the capacity to generate revenue up to 5 times the investment.
A few tips for media promotion from CrocMint:
1. Use a fresh message for different type of media. A promotion might look good on the visual media but would not be so appealing in newspaper.
2. For media promotions focus on the benefits more than the feature of your product. Just focus on the top 2 or 3 benefits instead of a long list.
3. Promotions to be aimed at grabbing the watchers attention don’t make it too educational.
4. Always advisable to promote using various forms of media such as audio, video, magazines, fliers, etc. Mode of media promotion could differ as per geographical location.
5. Keep your introduction short & simple instead of a complicated message or in depth detail of product as this might tune off the customer.

**A lot of affiliates agree to the fact that PPC & SEO go very well hand in hand if planned. One can always kick start their promotions using PPC to gauge the traffic & at the same time work on SEO to have the benefit of gradual but long lasting traffic.

****Just like most search engines CrocMint has a zero tolerance policy towards spamming, phishing, doorway generators or any other illegal or unethical means of generating traffic and sales. Indulging in any form of spamming or illegal means can lead to an affiliate’s account being immediately suspended.

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