Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CrocMint is now offering 70% commission for its affiliates!

The recession has struck fear and disappointment in the minds of people all over the world. Acknowledging the worldwide gloom, we have decided that its time to reward our affiliates for their support & efforts during the past months. So what better way to show our gratitude & appreciation than giving away more money & ensuring you keep more of what you give us.

All our affiliates, new or old, can now work to earn more. Add our excellent resources to your SEO & PPC promotional skills and you will be able to earn the extra money in no time. This 70% commission provides you with the opportunity to make the most while working with us.

You can also expect the following with CrocMint:

1) CrocMint makes things easier for you by providing high converting products.
2) 2nd tier commission that equals 10%
3) Weekly payments
4) Free hosting
5) Professional & friendly support

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